14kt Gold Filigree Torah Pendant

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I am sure you that you already saw my 14k golden pendant, and it has being  listing handcrafted Indian Trail at the background. the Torah art is filigree the Ten Commandment tablets in the Stars of David earlier the condition is new and arches to 158 inches long, this style includes  Angeline beautiful filigree work.

I need to show you the back as is this weekend again a lot of attention to detail in Spanish this is made it to open up a sign here are open in and sign you have the Hebrews letters.

This pendent is suitable for either a man or a woman can it is definitely going to make a statement, can you put it on. as I said this weekend it’s handcrafted in Israel and it’s available in Aarons George Bush injured and kinda Mile High Stadium Denver or you can check for you.