Symbols of my Jewish Jewelry Collection

The world’s oldest Jewish jewelry collection

Golden chai pandent

Hamsa earings

After many years I have collected jewelry  with some sort of Jewish touch, I have had a thought that I might have the world’s oldest collection, that is when calculating the average age of all Jewels all together. I have a couple of hundred items all from Jewish earrings, bracelets , Roman glass, various Hamsa necklaces and pendants, and many more rings and Judaica.

Hoshen gemstone for 100$!


I got most of my collection from my old aunts, grandmother and great grandmother that came to Brooklyn from Italy back in the 60’s. It all started when my grandmother (god bless her soul) gave me my first Star of David  earrings, she explained that it’s no ordinary Jewelry but a status symbol in many Jewish communities that means you are Jewish and single.



The earrings she gave me were given to her by her grandmother that got it from her mother. this peace of history has passed from generation to generation in our family, and this can explain why it is priceless for me and my family. Few years ego I met an art expert that explained that these earrings have Purple Hoshen stone which cannot be found anymore in these designs, so it is one of few rare peaces in all the world.

Kiddush cup Jerusalem style

Amazingly the earring it self is intact and as good as new, there os no corrosion  or color loss. I think that the secret of Jewish jewelry surviving through the years has to do with the fact that the Jewish people also have survived through the years and kept their faith and religion.




I think that in many Jewish families there are unknown treasures that are just waiting to be revealed, and a story to be told. you can ask art collectors or just upload an image to a collectors forum and it might help you get an estimation what you have got, and how much it’s worth, how many wars it has survived? if only our Jewish jewelry could talk.

Meaning of Star of David Jewelry
Star of David is not just a symbol of protection in Jewish tradition but also symbolizes peace, harmony and creation of the world. The shape of the star is created from two triangles, one pointing towards the sky and the other pointing towards the earth.

The one symbolizes feminine energy and the other male energy, together they create harmony and fulness. moreover the combination creates 6 little triangles that can be folded inside to create one shape with the same size, which means that the inside and the outside are the same.

Fish Jewelry
 first and foremost fish symbolizes fertility like the abundance of the ocean.

Key Jewelry  symbol
The key symbolizes a beginning of a new path, other than that usually you will find biblical sentences or a prayer on each key which adds unique meaning for each Jewelry key. Shopping for Jewelry is fun, shopping for Jewish Jewelry if fun and meaningful! The collection is vast, Jewish earrings, rings and wedding rings, bracelets, pendents and necklaces. buying Judaica Jewelry is easier then ever, you can buy almost anything online today, from now on you can get Holy jewelry from the holy land directly to your home.

Jewish Jewelry

Hebrew name necklece

There are literally hundreds of different styles, forms and designs of Jewish jewelry available on the open market today. It would be impossible to be  unable to find something you like. Whether you’re searching for a birthday gift, a wedding gift or a piece of unique jewelry that spotlights your faith or shows off your personal style, chances are you can find it in our collection of Jewish jewelry.

Jewelry has been around since the dawn of time, and Jewish jewelry has been around almost as long. For hundreds of centuries both male and female Jewish artisans have meticulously crafted fine, unique and inspiring Jewish jewelry. Their effort to praise and glorify their God has resulted in magnificent, eloquent jewelry that still inspires and transforms a person’s appearance today. The most popular and widely-sold Jewish jewelry today is the well-known Star of David, the Mezuzah, the Hamsas and the Chai, a piece of Jewish jewelry that signifies the important of leading a good life. Each of these symbols represents the Jewish faith, but more than that, they represent a person’s personal style, and life choices.

Jewish Jewelry has become some of the trendiest and most sought-after jewelry available on the world market today. This is because of the uniqueness and intriguing designs each piece is crafted into. From the traditional Jewish jewelry to the more modern and contemporary Jewish jewelry you can find hundreds of pieces that are meticulously and skillfully crafted from many different mediums including silver, gold, glass and more. Each piece of Jewish jewelry makes a bold statement that grabs the attention of onlookers. Many are adorned with intricate details that add a striking style and personality to each piece that isn’t found in similar pieces, and styles.

Jewish jewelry can also be personalized to make receiving it or giving it even more special and memorable. Whether you are a man or woman searching for that special piece of accessory for a  Jewish wedding that you can call you own, or you’re out to find the perfect gift for someone else, Jewish jewelry has it all. You should have no problem at all finding exactly what you want.

Choose from small, dainty pieces that speak of delicateness, to larger pieces that make a bold statement about your faith or your style. You can find plain, traditional-styled pieces of Jewish jewelry that are ornately decorated with beautiful gems. The possibilities are endless. Jewelry has continually been an integral part of any society, and since its beginnings, Jewish jewelry has always stood out in the fashion crowd. Jewish Jewelry makes a statement like no other type of jewelry. As the world of jewelry continues to grow and transform, Jewish jewelry will also. It doesn’t matter who you are or how young or old you are, Jewish jewelry speaks to all ages, and satisfies a multitude of tastes. There is something for everyone.

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